Various Artists: Leave Them All Behind 2


Second Modular mix disappoints

If the first volume of this compilation felt like it was the guest pass to the Paul Epworth-curated party of the moment, the second volume is like the morning after. Lacking the pizzazz of the original, it leans on well-worn staples that are already indelibly etched on a playlist at your local Club NME. The brilliance of ‘Gravity’s Rainbow’, ‘Standing In The Way Of Control’ or ‘K Hole’ are no brainers, but compiling them on to one CD again just feels so predictable. It doesn’t help that the second disc sees the Scissor Sisters’ ‘I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’’ make an unwelcome appearance. Add the fact that the weaker Modular acts (Jenny Wilson and Softlightes) are also lumped in and you’re left feeling like this is a sanitised label sampler, not the fluoro-flecked key into the interzone.

Priya Elan