Various Artists

Various Artists


Paris Calling

There’s some things France does extremely well – cheese, disco, riots – but rock’n’roll, traditionally, is not one of them (here, most music hacks would go, “Hey, Johnny Hallyday, ask yer Dad!” But, really, don’t). What we have here though, is 13 mostly English-language tracks that suggest Paris, if not quite being the next New York, might well be the next New Cross. “Just leeek my boots!” barks Timothee Bernelle on Second Sex’s ‘Lick My Boots’ – a ramalama fight song every bit as lairy as a cigarette burn to the face. Theirs is the best track on ‘Paris Calling’, but check also Les Shades’ ‘Like I’m A Man’ – love et lust in

a post-Libertines style – and The Rolls’ ‘Time’ – trashy teenage delinquency in Sonic Youth scuzz.

Louis Pattison