Various Artists


Kitsuné Maison Compilation 4

Kitsuné doesn’t so much have its finger on the pulse, as the zeitgeist in a headlock. If, for two years, you’d listened to nothing but the label’s Maison compilations, you would still have a firm grasp on everything exciting happening at the new rave-electro interface. ‘…Comp 4’ is another pertinent memo from Paris. Indie-electro tykes The Whip, Hadouken! and Foals represent for dear old Blighty, but, emphasising the global nature of the scene, it’s Johnnies Foreigner who steal the show. French-Canadian duo Numero#’s ‘Hit Pop’ is pure synthetic pleasure, Berlin’s Boys Noize do odd, invigorating electronic things to Feist, while Australia’s Midnight Juggernauts turn that slice of borderline Euro-cheese, Dragonette’s ‘I Get Around’, into the euphoric dancefloor banger it always threatened to be. Tony Naylor