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Various Artists


Late Night Tales: Lindstrom

It’s beloved of bearded, 40-year-old Balearic DJs and the dysfunctional young hipsters who idolise them. Cosmic disco –

a slow, spaced-out electronic disco sound first popularised in northern Italian discotheques in the early ’80s – is once more a burgeoning cult interest in clubland. Lanky Norwegian Hans-Peter Lindstrom, creator of breathlessly beautiful anthem ‘I Feel Space’, and the in-demand remixer of Franz Ferdinand and LCD Soundsystem, is the scene’s brightest star. However, like his own output, Lindstrom’s ‘Late Night Tales’ veers from the sublime (Anja Garbarek’s obscure electro-folk gem, ‘I Won’t Hurt You’) to the kind of cheesy, washed-out synthesizer rock we haven’t heard since Jean Michel Jarre was in his 1980s pomp. That said, Lindstrom’s cover of Vangelis’ ‘Let It Happen’ is possibly the best thing on here.

Tony Naylor