Various Artists


Neon Nights Mixtape

We need another fluoro-drenched indie-techno compilation like we need the imminent new Stereophonics offering. Add the fact that the cringingly titled ‘Neon Nights Mixtape’ features the washed-out staple of ‘Standing In The Way Of Control’ and you’ll probably want to beat your own skull in with a glowstick. But don’t. The name and Gossip aside, this collection, from the people who constantly treat us with the ‘All Back To Mine’ series, does everything else right. If you’ve heard it too much before it’s been re-mashed (Kate Nash’s ‘Caroline’s A Victim’ sounding extra filthy care of Tapedeck, Ali Love’s ‘K-Hole’ getting an inspirational SebastiAn once-over) and if you’ve not heard it previously then you’re about to touch the bleeding edge where the angst-ridden delights of Bono Must Die and Middleman dwell.

Stuart Stubbs