Various Artists


Worried Noodles

This is not a typical album. Pensive doodler David Shrigley first released Worried Noodles back in 2006 as a book of words and a blank 12-inch because, he says, “It was easier not to make a record.” He’s obviously changed his mind, because now he’s recruited 39 remarkably indie friends to set his surreal lyrical dalliances to actual music. So TV On The Radio provide us with some grainy country, shrieking “Sweet potato! I’m gonna eat you!” while Franz Ferdinand go back to their lo-fi roots with ‘No’: “No no no no no no no no no… arms!” Hot Chip tackle the same song but make it mournful instead of snotty, which perfectly taps into the brilliance of this project: not only could one glance at its beautiful booklet kill off piracy for good, giving bands lyrics to respond to means you get a uniquely mixed-up insight into their massively mixed-up brains.

Rebecca Nicolson