Various Artists


Kitsune Boombox

It’s currently Britain’s most talked-about club. BoomBox is a free Sunday night party which has become HQ for a rainbow coalition of London exhibitionists – ultra-outlandish fashionistas, tottering drag queens, Day-glo new ravers, topless lesbians, pop stars (Björk, Kelly Osbourne, Kylie), designers and style mag journalists – all dancing to a cutting-edge mash-up of glossy digital pop and noisy electro. Predictably, ‘Kitsuné BoomBox’ is a fine mix, as Chromeo, Daft Punk, Young Punx and Digitalism’s violent, strangely melancholy ‘Pogo’ are all drafted into a lovingly assembled set. That said, ‘Kitsuné BoomBox’ is ultimately diverting rather than outright devastating. For a truly indispensable overview of Euro-electro in 2007, buy Dr Lektroluv’s latest mix.

Tony Naylor