Various Artists

Various Artists


Now That’s What We Call Music

Breathe a sigh of relief because here it is, at long last: the real indie, with its yellowing gig tickets spiked to a pinboard and stickered shoeboxes full of C90 tapes of the John Peel show under the bed. Fantastic Plastic feel like something of an anomaly in these fiercely ambitious, trend-hungry times and, true to form, this label compilation boasts its fair share of aimless shambling and shouting (if anyone can explain the point of The Victorian English Gentlemens Club, please let us know). There is some neat stuff in there too, though: The Futureheads’

‘Ticket’. Ikara Colt, whose ‘At The Lodge’ remains something of a high watermark for post-Fall gripe’n’skronk. And – yes! – former John Peel fave ‘Local Man Ruins Everything’, a bittersweet Scots toast by William Campbell and Kevin MacNeil.

Louis Pattison