Various Artists


Disco No Disco

If the Jameses (Ford and Murphy) have taught the fluoroid droid masses one thing, it’s that there’s more to euphoric disco than a septum-burning noseful of The White Stuff. In 2007 The New Rave Contingent took their finals, graduated with flying colours and are now considering their options; if they choose to do an MA, they could do a lot worse than starting with this comp. Pinpointing a time when Madonna hung out with Sonic Youth at New York’s Danceteria club, this is a Venn diagram of multimusical everything. Kitchen synching it with no wave, post-punk and skag ska (all with plenty of cowbell), ‘Disco No Disco’ is an essential compendium of cult should-have-beens for people who don’t know who ESG are, find themselves foxed by Tom Tom Club and think Grace Jones is a jockey.

Priya Elan