Various Artists


Step Up To The Streets OST

Having seen the trailer, you might be wise to give this Cassie-starring love story with legwarmers a wide berth. Luckily though, there’s more to like about the film’s accompanying soundtrack. Newcomer Flo Rida has had a big hit Stateside with ‘Low’, and no wonder; lyrically lacking it might be, but musically it’s bursting with hard-knock 808 and teeth-chipping bass. T-Pain also takes it to the club on the fantastically frenzied ‘Church’, while the previously insipid Cherish get spiky on ‘Killa’. Among the great though, there is a lot of bad – Enrique Iglesias is bland R&B at best, while Cupid’s cheesy ‘369’ is far from lovable. Missy Elliott, meanwhile, makes a mixed return; the formulaic ‘Ching-A-Ling’ is uninspired, but the percussion-driven, Doug E Fresh-sampling ‘Shake Your Pom Pom’ is quite brilliant. A mixed bag, but just about more hot than not.

Hattie Collins