Various Cruelties – ‘Various Cruelties’

Various Cruelties - 'Various Cruelties'


Down in the schmaltzy gutter

Liam O’Donnell has one serious case of split-personality disorder. Here, on his troupe’s debut LP, he spends fleeting moments gazing up at the stars with the Last Shadow Puppets-lite slinkiness of ‘If It Wasn’t For You’, but more often than not he’s down in the schmaltzy gutter. “[i]If I could dry your tears, you know I would[/i]”, he sings, oleaginously, on ‘Dry Your Tears’ over the wishy-washiest of backdrops. Somewhere, a record exec sits, erection bulging as the phantom cash registers trill inside his brain – but the rest of us would gladly forsake the radio-friendly insipidness if O’Donnell retained a tad more swagger.

[i]Ben Hewitt[/i]


Director: Tony Hoffer
Record label: Mercury
Release date: 02 Apr, 2012