Veronica Falls – ‘Waiting For Something To Happen’

Veronica Falls – 'Waiting For Something To Happen'


Veronica Falls are way better than this album suggests

The opening salvo of Veronica Falls’ comeback single ‘Tell Me’ sounds like The Stone Roses’ ‘Waterfall’ meets Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Tusk’. It’s a fine start, and one that should lead to the London quartet branching out from the Pastels-meets-The-Vaselines indie they did so well on their self-titled 2011 debut. Instead, what they offer on ‘Waiting For Something To Happen’ is a fey-pop selection box that leaves out the gothic grit and garage-infused rabble of early tracks like ‘Found Love In A Graveyard’ and ‘Beachy Head’. Take ‘Everybody’s Changing’, a track that’s more twee than Summer Camp in a cardigan shop. There are, though, a couple of decent moments. ‘If You Still Want Me’ is warped and grunge-indebted, evoking the rock’n’roll swagger of their last album, and the dreamy ‘Broken Toys’ is a solid indie stomp. But all those two tracks do is prove that Veronica Falls are way better than the rest of this album suggests.

Jenny Stevens