Album Review: Vex’d – ‘Cloud Seed’ (Planet Mu)

Album Review: Vex'd - 'Cloud Seed' (Planet Mu)


An unsettling follow-up to their skull-shattering debut

Having shape-shifted into more than just cerebral head-music, dubstep is now sufficiently weighty in influence that it’s ripe for the release of context-setting retrospectives and tunes left in the locker. Just like this never-released second effort from now-disbanded reporters from the industrial doomscape, [b]Jamie Vex’d[/b] (aka Kuedo) and [b]Roly P[/b]. While they’re not so skull-shattering as those on their convulsive 2005 debut [b]‘Degenerate’[/b], these barren, snail-paced tracks are more unsettling thanks to their disjointedness. The record’s unpredictable beats, rumbling bass, bruised, ghostly melodies and the dejected voices of [b]‘Warrior Queen’[/b] and [b]‘Jest’[/b] skulk in the shadows like the creepy noise of a recession-hit, half-constructed ghost-town.

[b]Chris Parkin[/b]

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