Album reviews: Video Nasties

Album reviews: Video Nasties


On All Fours

Wailing vocals and thrashing guitars are a hard thing to master: you aim for The Clash and it all ends up a little bit Blink-182. When Video Nasties give up on being underground revolutionaries (their MySpace lists influences including Sonic Youth, Pavement and The Fall – come on boys, let’s be realistic) and embrace what they actually do best, the results (‘Jellybean’, ‘Stay Home’) are a happily shambolic Virgins-esque brand of lo-fi indie pop: summery, satisfyingly distorted and danceable. When they shoot in the wrong direction (the horrible ‘Albatross’) you can practically see the skateboards and hoodies. It’s the sound of a band finding their feet, and testing several pathways in slightly incoherent fashion – here’s hoping they follow the right one.

Lisa Wright

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