Album review: Vile Imbeciles

Album review: Vile Imbeciles


Death Jazz

Facts about this album:

* Vile Imbeciles are James Hair, Caz RospigIiosi, Evan Reinhold and Andy Huxley.

* They describe their sound as ‘junk funk’ and ‘death jazz’.

* Andy Huxley was formerly a member of Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster.

Album review:

Brighton four-piece Vile Imbeciles show scant regard for the traditions of the recorded format – and just as little for melody – with their latest release, a double A-side single (‘Jennifer’ b/w ‘Tramp’) that has a 30-minute album called ‘Death Jazz’ bringing up the rear. It’s akin to encountering a genetically revived mastodon on a rampage with a brace of red-eyed donkeys. The Imbeciles honk and bray forth their atonal proselytising via guitars that fizz like a migraine in Mike Patton’s frontal lobe and a rhythm section that delivers a shoe pie to the niceties of song. Intended as a tribute to the pioneering multi-instrumentalist Ornette Coleman, ‘Death Jazz’ is the manifestation of a magnificent perversion.

Luke Turner

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