Album Review: Walls – ‘Coracle’

Album Review: Walls - 'Coracle'


A record of luminous soundscapes

London-based [a]Walls[/a] duo Sam Willis and Alessio Natalizia put journos in floatation tanks to experience their new album ‘[b]Coracle[/b]’; it was a cunning ruse for a record whose luminous soundscapes are at once alien yet familiar, adding hazy heartbeat rhythms to their seductive take on ambient masters past and present such as [b]Brian Eno[/b], [b]Harmonia[/b] and [b]Tim Hecker[/b]. Opener ‘[b]Into Our Midst[/b]’ proceeds from a throbbing bassline and gracefully wobbling synths reminiscent of Caribou’s ‘[b]Sun[/b]’, and ‘[b]Sunporch[/b]’’s proto-electro glide is simply beautiful. So good it’ll make you marvel at your complacency in not buying a return ticket out of your mum’s vagina.

[i]Alex Denney[/i]


Director: Sam Willis
Record label: Kompakt
Release date: 26 Sep, 2011