Album Review: Warm Brains – ‘Old Volcanoes’

Album Review: Warm Brains - 'Old Volcanoes'


An unexpectedly triumphant curveball

If you’d have told us back in 2005 that the members of dance-punk outfit [a]Test Icicles[/a] would go on to become some of the most diverse and prolific musicians around, we would have laughed right into your neon sunnies. But, with [b]Warm Brains[/b] marking guitarist Rory Attwell’s fourth musical venture to date (via RAT: ATT: AGG and KASMs), you’ve got to admit there must’ve been something in the water.

This time round he touches base at varying points along the ’90s spectrum – from the riffs of [b]‘Let Down’[/b], straight out of ‘Leisure’-era [a]Blur[/a], via glimpses of [a]Pavement[/a]-esque slacker charm to a kind of sweetened grunge ([b]‘Rotunda’[/b]). An(other) unexpectedly brilliant curveball.

Lisa Wright

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