Album Review: We Are Wolves – ‘Total Magique’

Album Review: We Are Wolves - 'Total Magique'


Sexy French-Canadian disco predators

Since 1759, when General Wolfe scaled the cliffs of Quebec and took Canada for the British Empire,

that nation has been ideologically divided between English and French. Now the former colonial struggle is taken up by musicians. If Toronto’s Crystal Castles represent British Canada, Montreal’s We Are Wolves are the French opposition: sensual, dripping with ooh-la-la and saucy asides. This second album mixes Québécois and English lyrics with sexy organs (‘I Wrote Your Name On My Kite’), lascivious bass (‘Magique’) and indecent beats’n’bleeps (‘Walk Away Walk’). It’s like a French disco Cramps, out to unbutton starched collars and cause stiff upper lips to wobble. Victory and vengeance surely belongs to our lupine heroes.

Luke Turner

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