Album review: We Were Promised Jet Packs – ‘These Four Walls’

Album review: We Were Promised Jet Packs - 'These Four Walls'

Gloomy, complex Scottish indie with ambition

A brooding Scottish mob who sing in their distinctive accents and sound like they sleep wth one eye open? So far, so Biffy. But a happy consequence of the rise of Ayrshire’s finest has been to shine rays of hope into the darkened corners of intricate indie. As such, the debut full-length from Edinburgh’s WWPJ wears the robes of the serious contender. Sure, this isn’t going to frighten the rabbits just yet, but they do occupy a beguiling space between playful celtic reverie and the pits of drone-rock hell – like if The Delgados hallucinated they were in Joy Division one afternoon. A while longer in training and those dreams of flight may just come true. Well, what works for Matt Bellamy…

Dan Martin

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