Album Review: Weekend – Sports (Slumberland)

Album Review: Weekend - Sports (Slumberland)


Biblical floods of brooding amp static from the San Francisco Trio

Renaissance Gloom Principle #1: all moody post-punk bands shall trace genealogy to [b]Ian Curtis[/b]’ Kleenex carton – what bollocks. [a]Joy Division[/a] ripped off plenty of bands ([a]David Bowie[/a], [a]The Velvet Underground[/a], [a]Cabaret Voltaire[/a]). So do San Franciscan trio [a]Weekend[/a] ([a]No Age[/a], [a]Sonic Youth[/a], [a]The Jesus And Mary Chain[/a]). What about it? The point is that good groups don’t copy or borrow; they steal. And that’s what [a]Weekend[/a] do here, through biblical floods of brooding amp static, sharp backline and submerged lyrics charting a course back to their influences. Shame it’s slightly spoiled by the morbid fixations of those same lyrics – which are the only shit thing about this LP, really.

[b]Huw Nesbitt[/b]