Album Review: White Belt Yellow Tag – ‘Methods’ (Distiller)

Album Review: White Belt Yellow Tag - 'Methods' (Distiller)


A duo that are more than flyweight guitar cannon fodder

Who’d have ever thought someone from [b]Yourcodenameis:milo[/b] would go on to make something vaguely decent? Justin Lockey – partnered now not only by Craig Philbin, but by one-time [b]Cooper Temple Clauser[/b] Tom Bellamy – makes [b]‘Methods’[/b] even more of an unlikely triumph. More broken Britpoppers than [b]Broken Bells[/b], the duo are the very embodiment of scrapheap-indie, yet [b]‘Methods’[/b] fizzes with daisy-fresh exuberance and shiny production. The tunes probably have more sheen than Lockey or Bellamy would desire – polished in a lamey, little-bit-[a]Coldplay[/a] way – but the bleepy, string-ripping FX prove that the duo are striving to be more than simply flyweight guitar cannon fodder.

[b]Matt Wilkinson[/b]

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