Album Review: White Hills – Stolen Stars Left For No One (Thrill Jockey)


Like your space-infused cosmo artists?

Turning on iTunes’ Visualizer setting should really turn the thrumming, tinnitus-inducing white noise, fluid space jams and pummelling riffs of this record into a dense swirling fog of dry ice – only that would properly represent the synapse-frazzling sonic maze Brooklyn’s [b]Dave W[/b] and [b]Ego Sensation[/b] crank out. Sadly, Visualizer just offers some paltry fireworks, which don’t do justice to the deep and heavy, effects-laden quality of this agreeably lumbering EP at all. Fans of hallucinogen-tweaked [a]Hawkwind[/a], epic [a]Stooges[/a], [a]Loop[/a], [a]Suicide[/a] and other cosmic ‘heads’ won’t be disappointed.

[b]Chris Parkin[/b]