Album review: White Rabbits – It’s Frightening (Mute)

Album review: White Rabbits - It's Frightening (Mute)


Brooklyn's genre-interbreeding machine produces another corker

What do you get if you mix [a]Bow Wow Wow[/a]’s ‘[b]C30, C60, C90, Go[/b]’ with [a]Cold War Kids[/a]? That’s a question Brooklyn’s [a]White Rabbits[/a] are gonna have to get used to answering, having crossbred the two so successfully on ‘[b]It’s Frightening[/b]’’s opener ‘[b]Percussion Gun[/b]’. It’s not half as bad as you might think either, with singer [b]Stephen Patterson[/b] gloriously losing his rag during each chorus. The rest of the album is a more sedate affair, from the off-kilter ‘[b]They Done Wrong/We Done Wrong[/b]’ (which veers deep into Shins territory) to all-out weepy ballad ‘[b]Leave It At The Door[/b]’. Twin drummers [b]Matthew Clark[/b] and [b]Jamie Levinson[/b] are oustanding, but it’s Patterson who’s the real star – an all-American frontman whose honey-coated voice is practically begging for adoration.

[b]Matt Wilkinson[/b]

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