Album Review: WhoMadeWho

Album Review: WhoMadeWho


The Plot

Facts about this album:

* WhoMadeWho are Danish trio Tomas Hoffding, Jeppe Kjellberg and Tomas Barford.

* ‘TV Friend’, and Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age has covered their song ‘Space to Rent’.

* ‘The Plot’ is their third album.

Album review:

Comprising a Bowie fanatic, a jazz cat and a techno producer, whose second album was an acoustic reinterpretation of their first, WMW were never a typical disco-punk trio. ‘The Plot’ boldly reaffirms that otherness. Charming rather than deep, the only angst comes in the form of lyrics about in-flight ennui and losing your voice on tour. That’s usually a rock star sin but, such is their exuberance, WMW get away with it. Playful and confident, the Danes race through the ace electro-boogie of ‘Cyborg’ or the melodramatic disco-pop of ‘Trickster’, referencing bluegrass and ELO and occasionally pausing for a breather such as electro-folk daydream ‘Ode To Joy’. God knows what would happen if they got serious.

Tony Naylor

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