Album review: Why? – ‘Eskimo Snow’

Album review: Why? - 'Eskimo Snow'

A lo-fi offering that leaves us cold

There are moments on indie folksters [b]Why?[/b]’s fourth album that propel you into a state of emotional bliss. Even when frontman Yoni Wolf sings [i]“They say electricity can travel up your piss stream”[/i] on [b]‘Against Me’[/b] his words wrap around you like a warm blanket on a bitter winter’s day. There’s a similar vocal disaffection to [a]Conor Oberst[/a] and the same instrumental augmentation as Doug Martsch of [b]Built To Spill[/b]. [b]‘Eskimo Snow’[/b] isn’t immune from the odd blooper, however. [b]‘Into The Shadows Of My Embrace’[/b], with its chat about the cumming (sic) of age and doing the naughty may be [a]Why?[/a]’s homage to the subtle crudeness of [a]Neutral Milk Hotel[/a], but falls more into the lyrical territory of [a]Blink-182[/a].

[b]Ash Dosanjh[/b]

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