Why? – ‘Sod In The Seed EP’

Why? - 'Sod In The Seed EP'


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Let’s review some recent facts/I make decent cash/I’m a minor star/And we can’t last if she don’t drive a hybrid car.” There aren’t many modern artists as acutely self-aware as Yoni Wolf, or as willing to hop straight from talking about personal circumstances to, say, the future of humanity. But hey, Wolf’s always been different. His band straddle a musical hinterland where hip-hop and indie meet, while he himself doesn’t so much rap or sing as just talk. 2008’s ‘Alopecia’ is his masterwork, and ‘Sod In The Seed’ his best stuff since, thanks to him still being a consistently witty and morbid motherfucker. The opener and title track ‘Sod In The Seed’ covers such dainty territory as “[i]shitting black blood[/i]”, and from there he swings between flippant observations and horror. ‘Twenty Seven’ entertains the most, as we witness a man with a gloriously twisted mind try and say “[i]happy birthday[/i]” to someone the only way he knows how: by talking about building a fence out of bird bones.

Tom Howard


Release date: 13 Aug, 2012