Willy Moon – ‘Yeah Yeah’

Willy Moon - 'Yeah Yeah'

A CBeebies-sanctioned MC

[b]Willy Moon – ‘Yeah Yeah'[/b]

This is as baffling as it is banal, veering between a stuttering sample of the joyful honk from the start of ‘Jump Around’ and a Black Eyed Peas-erudite “[i]na na na na[/i]” section. Then Wizzle Manizzle declares, “[i]Everybody, don’t you know it’s me now? Who is it? Willy’s back with a brand new beat now[/i]”, like some CBeebies-sanctioned MC.

[i]Laura Snapes[/i]



Record label: Luv Luv Luv
Release date: 23 Apr, 2012