Willy Moon – ‘Here’s Willy Moon’

Willy Moon - 'Here's Willy Moon'


Willy can’t shake the stench of USP-gimmick

What sort of phase was 23-year-old Willy Moon going through when he decided to grace his debut with a cover of ‘Shakin’, the same Rudy Toombs track reworked by Jack White on ‘Blunderbuss’? Moon has snuggled up to Big Jack once before at Third Man Records, and it ain’t a complimentary juxtaposition. Where White’s ‘Shakin’ sweated sassy evil, Moon’s is hamstrung by contrived effort. Where White’s ‘Freedom At 21’ gelled rockabilly and hip-hop rhythms, Moon’s sales pitch of ‘1950s rock’n’roll with modern production values’ ranges from the boybandish iPod ad horror of ‘Yeah Yeah’ to the decently punchy retread of Kanye’s ‘Power’ on ‘Get Up’. Unfortunately, Willy can’t shake the stench of USP-gimmick.

Emily Mackay


Record label: Island
Release date: 01 Apr, 2013