Album review: Windmill – ‘Epcot Starfields’

Album review: Windmill - 'Epcot Starfields'


Dreampop memories of childhood

Inspired by a trip to Florida’s EPCOT centre, ‘Epcot Starfields’ is Matthew Thomas Dillon’s attempt to reconcile some cosmic-sized issues of mortality that popped up while perusing the theme park as a nipper. Cue expansive sonics, cloying strings and an unshakeable debt to [a]The Flaming Lips[/a] and [a]Mercury Rev[/a]. There are touching moments amid the derivativeness, particularly on [b]‘Epcot Slow’[/b], when a broken-sounding Dillon laments “we want our parents to live for always” over a piano and cello backing. Still, it doesn’t take long for the quirkiness to irritate, his affected nasal vocal an attempt to sound like some Williamsburg virgin rather than a 28-year-old from Buckinghamshire. Now he’s got this off his chest, perhaps it’s time to grow up a little?

[b]Louise Brailey[/b]

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