Wolf Gang – ‘Black River’ EP

Wolf Gang - 'Black River' EP


Max McElligott returns with chest-beating pop

‘Black River’ represents Wolf Gang’s first material since his 2011 debut album, ‘Suego Faults’. That record was a collection of the kind of stomping electropop that prompts cidery bear hugs at V Festival, but judging by this three-song EP, Max McElligott has spent the interim chasing an even bigger sound. He’s turned Wolf Gang into a four-piece featuring former Rakes drummer Lasse Petersen, and recruited U2 producer Flood. Bereft of subtlety, the title track is chest-beatingly outrageous, a drum-driven pop monster that rips off Take That and The Killers. ‘Back To Life’ is more palatable, deploying brass in a similar way to The Horrors’ ‘Still Life’, and ‘Last Bayou’ recalls east London wreckheads The Big Pink. Shamelessly epic and deeply bizarre.

Ben Homewood


Record label: Cherry Tree
Release date: 09 Jun, 2014