Album Review: Wolf People – Steeples (Jagjaguwar)

Album Review: Wolf People - Steeples (Jagjaguwar)


Rightous, groove-heavy psych-rock that weaves different eras and styles

The first British band to be signed to fierce-as-its-name US label [b]Jagjaguwar[/b], [b]Wolf People[/b] hail firmly from the stable’s traditional territory of righteously bearded, groove-heavy psych-rock. ‘[b]Silbury Sands[/b]’ embroiders a [a]Pentangle[/a]-ish folk flourish over [a]Black Mountain[/a]-ish muscle, while ‘[b]Tiny Circle[/b]’ is [a]Led Zeppelin[/a] leading the children round the Wicker Man maypole. ‘[b]Cromlech[/b]’ calls darker dance, moss-encrusted [b]Sabbath[/b]-y riffs distorted and warped to the point of witchy grunginess. Just odd enough to escape period-piece pastiche, their deft weaving of different eras and styles makes them akin to a UK version of [a]White Denim[/a], and promises more exciting things from the future.

[b]Emily Mackay[/b]

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