Album Review: Wooden Shjips – ‘Vol 2’ (Sick Thirst)

Album Review: Wooden Shjips - 'Vol 2' (Sick Thirst)


Lacking a progressive spirit but effective nonetheless

Given that heavy psych and space rock have been going through another renaissance, it’s remarkable that the [b]Shjips[/b] manage to retain such a distinctive sound. Their character mixes the classic ([b]The Velvet Underground[/b]), the unusual ([b]Suicide[/b]), the gauche ([b]The Doors[/b]) and the hip ([b]Guru Guru[/b]) into a warmly overdriven and satisfying whole. The black leather-clad hands of [b]Alan Vega[/b] and [b]Martin Rev[/b] are a spectral presence guiding [b]‘Vampire Blues’[/b] and [b]‘Loose Lips’[/b] like a Hell’s Angel cruising down an autobahn. [b]Wooden Shjips[/b] obviously aren’t interested in the same progressive spirit as the likes of fellow travellers [b]Oneida[/b] but they’re still damn effective at what they do.

[b]John Doran[/b]

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