Album review: Y Niwl – Y Niwl (Aderyn Papur)

Album review: Y Niwl - Y Niwl (Aderyn Papur)


Playful surf-rock from the Welsh shores

Quite frankly, if I hear another pastiche-ridden West Coast surf rock record, I’m going to brain Nathan [a]Wavves[/a] with my surfboard, stick Mr Zogg’s Sex Wax in [b]Frankie Rose[/b]’s hair and intone curses upon [b]Dick Dale[/b]’s wretched soul. Lucky, then, that taffy types [a]Y Niwl[/a] hail from a different west – the rainy climes of Wales, whose wind-beleaguered beaches don’t really lend themselves to nauseating Hipstamatic cheer. Although their debut is regular, vocal-less surf rock with a playful streak, that’s the beauty of it – there’s not an ounce of ‘bodacious’ ‘sun-bleached’ ‘bedroom jams’ pretence. And right now, that’s as refreshing as a skinny dip in the Welsh shores of the Atlantic.

[b]Laura Snapes[/b]