Y Niwl – ‘4 Aderyn’

Y Niwl - '4 Aderyn'


Surf rock and a touch of Roy Orbison with a nod of approval from Richard Hawley

Y Niwl are a North Wales quartet who play a brand of instrumental surf rock that sounds like it was written and recorded around the year 1963. Some people seem to consider this wacky or fake, but according to the band themselves only one of The Beach Boys could actually surf, so why care about ‘authenticity’ nearly 50 years later? Anyway, Y Niwl’s previous three records were all great, and so is this six-song EP: impeccably reverbed valve-amp guitar twang, an organ with generations of dead skin underneath its keys, and light touches of spaghetti western soundtracks and Roy Orbison. The latter possibly explains why Richard Hawley is a celebrity fan of theirs.

Noel Gardner