Yann Tiersen – ‘∞’ (Infinity)

Yann Tiersen - '∞' (Infinity)


The French composer remains in the shadow of his Amelie success on eighth studio record

Yann Tiersen was responsible for the soundtrack to Amélie. However, the success of his score for the 2001 romantic comedy has threatened to overshadow his other work. This, his eighth studio album, is a moody reflection on the stony, weather-beaten island of Ushant, 30 kilometres off the coast of Brittany, that the French composer calls home. It includes songs sung in the Icelandic and Faroese languages, with the music built up from a base of toy instruments in layers of electronic sounds and strings, combining the charm of Amélie with the grey-skied gloom of Sigur Rós. Tiersen never loses touch with his innate sense of melody, but the lack of edge means that ‘Infinity’’s charms are, in fact, finite.

Ben Cardew


Record label: Mute