Yes Boss: Look Busy

Yes Boss: Look Busy


No Boss, noooooo!

Signed to ¡Forward, Russia!’s label, Yes Boss are the latest addition to the roll-call of dreary, dead-eyed disciples of chav rap. And frankly we blame Mike Skinner. Like the glut of hairy wannabes that arrived, bull in a china shop-like, after Nirvana’s success (we’re thinking of you, Nickelback), The Streets’ burningly intelligent lyrics and mouth-agape beats somehow paved the way for the lowest common denominator likes of Just Jack, Man Like Me and now

Yes Boss. With lazy beats (Dude! Buy a new Casio!) and the sadly irony-deficient raps, we’re left wondering when the Chris Morris-scripted parody will ‘drop’. But don’t worry – they don’t care a jot. “Journalist trying to call us pikeys/You’re taking the piss/Don’t care if you like me”, they rap on ‘Troublin’’. Well, that’s alright then.

Priya Elan