Album review: Yeti Lane – Yeti Lane (Sonic Cathedral)


A harmonious union of cosmic rock with sparkling pop

Naming your band after a monumental psychedelic masterpiece by German space rockers [a]Amon Düül[/a] II AND ‘[b]Penny Lane[/b]’ by [a]The Beatles[/a] could be seen as a little bit gauche. Luckily for us [a]Yeti Lane[/a] live up to the billing. Their nomenclature is ideal for describing the harmonious union of cosmic rock with sparkling pop that this enchanting album contains. ‘[b]Lonesome George[/b]’ is a staggering combination of [a]Van Morrison[/a]’s blue-eyed soul, the tender balladry of [a]Herman Düne[/a] and the medicated bliss of prime [a]Granddaddy[/a]. There is a nod to [a]Can[/a] on ‘[b]Twice[/b]’ and to [a]Pavement[/a] on ‘[b]First-Rate Pretender[/b]’. Overall though, the first thing this reminds you of is [a]The Shins[/a]’ peerless ‘[b]Oh, Inverted World[/b]’ in its easy combo of weighty classicism and a sparkling freshness.

[b]John Doran[/b]

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