Young British Artists – ‘Change By Any Other Name’

Young British Artists - 'Change By Any Other Name'


Mancunians capture regret and gloom on fuzzy, frantic debut

‘A New Language’ opens this debut album from Young British Artists. It’s a driving tune, with aspirational melodies and chugging guitars. Their anthemic ambition smacks of early Chapel Club. The all-male four-piece tap into the cultural ancestry of their Mancunian base; they paint their angst in shades of grey and shroud it in layers of fuzzy, frantic chords. Chiming guitars are offset by lively lead lines, lifting the air of gloom. They switch briefly to ballad-mode on ‘Capsule’, where a vintage organ melts in the near distance as singer Leo Scott stumbles softly through his life’s regrets. There’s nothing new to be found in YBA’s oeuvre, but it’s delivered with heart and a neat turn of phrase.

Hayley Avron


Record label: Young
Release date: 16 Jun, 2014