Young Knives – ‘Sick Octaves’

Young Knives - 'Sick Octaves'


The Young Knives have spun a double six when it comes to their fourth album - 'Sick Octave'

Going on the facts – fourth album, self-produced, self-released – you might presume ‘Sick Octave’ to be the last throw of a dice. If so, the post-punks have spun a double six. Uncool in a defiant way, the trio’s oddball chumminess has hardened into something ever so slightly sinister. ‘Owls Of Athens’ glints with rudimentary electronics and sheet-metal drums, but Henry Dartnall’s songs vibrate with a poppiness that gleams through the weirdness. Eccentricity occasionally gets the better of them – witness the overcooked bass solo on ‘Green Island Red Raw’ – but ‘Maureen’ finds them at their unnerving best, a study in obsession set to a melodic XTC bounce.

Louis Pattison


Director: Young Knives
Record label: Gadzook
Release date: 04 Nov, 2013