Album Review: Young Legionnaire – ‘Crisis Works’

Album Review: Young Legionnaire - 'Crisis Works'


An extension to the original collaboration and we're thrilled they got carried away

What began as a single-track collaboration for Yourcodenameis:milo’s [b]‘Print Is Dead’[/b] sessions now finds itself 12 tracks deep and burnt to polycarbonate. Formed during the respective hiatuses of Paul Mullen’s [a]The Automatic[/a] and Gordon Moakes’ [a]Bloc Party[/a], [a]Young Legionnaire[/a] are forging their own path with this elegantly forceful record.

[b]‘Chapter, Verse’[/b] crunches heavy under the weight of its own dissonance as Mullen’s vocal lines transform it into a proper post-rock singalong, while [b]‘Nova Scotia’[/b] throbs like a lost gem from [b]‘Silent Alarm’[/b]. This could have been a vanity effort to prove their worth, but instead they prove that not only does crisis work – so does collaboration.

Jen Long

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