Young Magic – ‘Breathing Statues’

Young Magic - 'Breathing Statues'


Hypnotic second from Brooklyn electronic duo

The second album from electronic Brooklyn duo Young Magic is hypnotic. Primarily, it relies on metallic-sounding percussion, grinding synth motifs, brittle and recurring samples. Though the washes of reverb and repetitive beats make for a record that’s initially hard to penetrate, the likes of ‘Ageless’’ underwater ripples and dusky vocals and the stuttering samples of ‘Cobra’ are all-enveloping, embellished by singer Melati Malay’s sultry, Warpaint-esque coo. Densely layered, they’re the woozy sound of a 4am K-hole without making you lose the use of your legs. ‘Mythnomer’’s nightmarish pitch-shifted vocal and claustrophobic beats are a misjudged move, but on the whole ‘Breathing Statues’ is a world that’s ripe for sinking into.

Lisa Wright


Record label: Carpark
Release date: 26 May, 2014