Album Review: Youves

Album Review: Youves



Album review:

Back in 2002, after The Rapture reminded first New York City and then the world just how good a well-struck cowbell sounded, the resultant disco-fever was contagious to the point of nausea. Now, as our collective memories of every indie band in earshot stapling a hi-hat beat on to their guitar noodlings in the hope of hitching a ride on the DFA train are starting to fade, here come Nuneaton quintet Youves (formerly Mirror! Mirror!). In their defence there’s a pleasingly serrated Q And Not U-esque edge to ‘Fully Erect Serve And Protect’ and ‘Superstitious’, and the relentless pulse of ‘Bigorexic’ certainly gets the blood pumping. But it’s too samey and derivative to be anything other than a blast from the dance-punk past.

Ben Patashnik

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