Album review: Zoey Van Goey – ‘The Cage Was Unlocked All Along’

Album review: Zoey Van Goey - 'The Cage Was Unlocked All Along'


Twee and sweet and kinda lovable

In a city where Buckfast-wielding neds roam through the streets in packs, it’s good to know

a Glasgow-based band like Zoey Van Goey can flourish, with their nice cardigans, nice fruit teas and other nice things. This cuddlecore trio have learnt from their city’s past forays into twee, adopting sugary boy/girl harmonies (‘We Don’t Have That Kind Of Bread’), ornate strings (‘The Best Treasure Stays Buried’) and the odd kooky tale (‘Two White Ghosts’). Thankfully, this is charming folk-pop as Brooklyn’s The Essex Green see it, not the same demented world Belle And Sebastian’s Stuart Murdoch inhabits.

Ash Dosanjh

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