Zoot Woman – ‘Star Climbing’

Zoot Woman - 'Star Climbing'


The Killers and Madonna's producer returns to his old band

Stuart Price has built a stellar career as producer for the big-name likes of Madonna and The Killers. It’s somewhat baffling then, that he continues to make records with Zoot Woman, the band he formed in 1995, unless he’s keen to assert the Reading trio’s formative role in electropop, or hates money. His production work on this fourth album adds a brittle EDM crunch to their formula, but lacks enough choruses ripped from the candy-curled fingernails of the Pet Shop Boys to stop the likes of ‘Chemistry’ and ‘Real Real Love’ sounding painfully dated beside Jungle, La Roux or even Daft Punk. It sounds, if this is possible, almost sub-Hurts. But at least they’re making the effort to finish off the very scene that they themselves started.


Record label: Embassy One
Release date: 01 Sep, 2014