Album review: Zu



Facts about this album:

Zu have released 14 albums, one of which was titled ‘How To Raise An Ox’. We suggest using a crane.

Zu have also worked with members of Shellac, Fugazi, and The Stooges.

All of Zu’s artwork, including that for ‘Carboniferous’ is done by one man, Rome-based artist Alessandro Maida, aka Scarful.

Album review:

Pity the saxophone. Back in the ’60s it was a tool of righteous dissent, instrument of choice for all manner of jazz blowers and the secret weapon in the Stooges’ ‘Raw Power’. Then it got kidnapped by the taste police and spent a couple of decades echoing across hotel lobbies with all the energy of a wet fart. Italy’s Zu, though, are seizing it back. Recorded with help from Fantômas shrieker Mike Patton and Buzz ‘Melvins’ Osbourne on guitar, ‘Carboniferous’ rocks out with little competition. Heavyweight art-metal that sees bursts of baritone sax darting in and out of churning bass and thrashed drums, you could toss the likes of ‘Ostia’ in-between anything from Rolo Tomassi or Fucked Up and not put anyone off their mosh.

Louis Pattison