Album Review: Zun Zun Egui – ‘Katang’

Album Review: Zun Zun Egui - 'Katang'


Trilling and artfully nutso vocals

If you had to pick a new band who sound as diametrically opposed to dismal lad rock as it’s absolutely possible to, then Bristol’s [a]Zun Zun Egui[/a] are first in line. Not for them dismal parka-rock, but a kinetic sort of art-punk that wriggles and writhes and spirals out of every description you might attempt to snare them with. Just count the reasons how: French, English, Creole and Japanese lyrics; trilling and artfully nutso vocals; and a sonic adventurism that journeys from wiry post-punk to Afro-funk, prog to pan-everything-north-and-south-of-the-Equator. Of course, staying with this record can be like trying to grab hold of a greased frog, except that [a]Zun Zun Egui[/a] make it infectious fun, as they veer from a daft song about sexy worms that sounds like post-punk’s answer to Surfin’ Bird (‘[b]Fresh Fandango[/b]’) to wiggy, sun-dazed meanderings (‘[b]Sirocco[/b]’ and ‘[b]Transport[/b]’) that tip their hat to Boredoms and other chart-illegible cosmic explorers. We don’t know where this all leads exactly, but it’s definitely on the right path.

[i]Chris Parkin[/i]


Director: Luke Mosse
Record label: Bella Union
Release date: 03 Oct, 2011