Yung Pinch – ‘Back 2 The Beach’ review: vapor rap upstart channels rock energy on an assured debut

The Huntington Beach rapper blends his beloved punk sounds with the alternative hip-hop that made him a star on SoundCloud

Debut albums aren’t always easy, but on ‘Back 2 The Beach’ California’s Yung Pinch’s effortless, nonchalant delivery makes it sound a doddle. His pitchy, auto-tuned croons have always drawn fans far and wide, and with this record he’ll surely make a fan of you, even if just for a song or two.

It would be a mistake to label Yung Pinch as a rapper; here he shows off his vocal abilities over skipping 808s and zingy synths. ‘Toast To Us’ is a sombre break-up track that shows the rich and famous have feelings just like you and me, ethereal acoustic guitar backing Pinch’s tale of heartache as he blames his and his partner’s rift on social media: I’ve already seen your bad side, heard all of the sad lies / Posing for the ‘Gram, just make sure you get her good side”.

But that’s not all – Pinch’s debut is a rock album for the most part. This becomes especially clear on the record’s second half, where he fuses punk rock – beloved in his childhood – with the vapor rap style he’s become renowned for. Take the single single ‘Hanging With Ghosts’: collaborating with Good Charlotte and Goody Grace, he rocks out over howls of electric guitars and 808s as they banish fake friends. It’s a perfect emo-rap track.

Yet Pinch proves he can rap… ish. ‘Beauty Sleep’ is the only straight-up rap song here, a subdued track that exudes bravado over a Pierre Bourne-like beat, the fun up-tempo contrasting to the rest of the album’s more emotional tone. “Diamonds in my nose,” he boasts, “Gucci flops on my toes / Ever since a youngin‘ I’ve been having hella hoes”.

From releasing his beloved ‘4EVERFRIDAY SZN’ mixtapes on SoundCloud to this assured debut, Yung Pinch has certainly been as consistent as the waves crashing onto the beach he lovingly evokes here.


Release date: January 17

Record label: TWNSHP