Alex Lahey – ‘I Love You Like A Brother’ Review

Alex Lahey’s debut album ‘I Love You Like A Brother’ revels in its imperfections. In 10 succinctly crafted tracks – the Australian newcomer is relatable and brutally honest – all while retaining a fair amount of wit, too. A storming debut.

Take the album’s title track in which she addresses her now-repaired relationship with her brother, (“clashed like the band, but we’re now we’re back stronger”) and the spiky opener ‘Every Day’s Weekend’. There’s fun to be had, too. ‘Let’s Call It A Day’ is a belting rock monster in the vein of Weezer and ‘Perth Traumatic Stress Disorder’ has all the hallmarks of what made The Vaccines so damn exciting first time round.


But the album’s pensive moments where Lahey is startlingly honest that she truly shines. Like “I Haven’t Been Taking Care Of Myself’, which packs both a mighty chorus and weighty emotional punch, as does ‘Lotto In Reverse’.

‘I Love You Like A Brother’ frequently confronts those sticky topics – sometimes jovially and others boldly frank – but know this: Lahey’s debut is a confessional, confident and important arrival.

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