Brockhampton’s comeback single ‘I Been Born Again’ is a rebirth in more ways than one

After resetting their compass on last year’s ‘Iridescence’, the LA boyband are free to move on, and the first taster of new album ‘Ginger’ is a promising first step

Brockhampton’s fourth album ‘Iridescence’, released last September, served as a purging of demons. Full of lyrics about self-loathing and dissatisfaction, it was a brilliant but murky listen, coming to a head on the hook of the spacious, dramatic ‘San Marcos’, where a choir sang “I want more out of life than this”.

‘Iridescence’ had little of the freewheeling spirit found on their 2017 trilogy of ‘Saturation’ albums – the records that made them the superstars they now are – but was a necessary one to write in order to move forwards after a turbulent year punctuated with scrapped albums and departing members. Suitably, then, their comeback single and first taste of new album ‘Ginger’ is titled ‘I Been Born Again’.


The video for the track sees the members rolling around on tarmac, a camera tracking their every move, and the song is similarly disorientating. It begins with Bearface continuing to diversify his vocal abilities (after branching out from simply being the band’s ‘singer’ to rapping on ‘Iridescence’) with an intense, breathy introduction that could pass as a voiceover for a horror villain.

As each member comes in and out, the tone is noticeably lighter. Playful cheers punctuate the background of Kevin Abstract’s verse, while humour comes to the fore as he states that he’s “rappin’ about dicks still”.

The swerving of expectations continues as Joba delivers a booming pitch shifted verse that adds even more force to his already frantic raps. “Rock my own shit, hit my own switch,” he states, hammering home this returning of confidence.


Then, just as the track looks threatened to be drowned by its one-dimensional tempo, Matt Champion barges down the door to an intoxicating final thrash. “Send ‘em out the door, they ain’t knocking no more,” he raps, and just like that it looks like Brockhampton are finally in the clear.


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