Estrons – ‘You Say I’m Too Much, I Say You’re Not Enough’ review

On their impressive debut, the Cardiff trio prove that punk can be pop without going bubblegum

For those not fluent in Welsh, the word ‘Estrons‘ comes from this Cardiff punk trio’s native tongue for ‘misfit’ or ‘outsider’. Fittingly, every moment of ‘You Say I’m Too Much I Say You’re Not Enough’ bristles with a spirit of agitation. On the acidic chords of opener ‘Lilac’, the band demand “more, more, more“. You’re immediately put on the back foot by a force that doesn’t need your approval, but will not be ignored.

I’d like to make a man out of you,” shouts vocalist Tali Källström on ‘Make A Man’, the single that first excited the internet back in 2015. “I’d like to fuck you and fuck you / I’d like to make a man of you“. Capturing the ethos of the record, it’s bold, brash and unapologetic – a self-fulfilling prophecy of empowerment, making a dent in the collective male ego. “I can do that like that – only better,” she snarls on the explosive ‘Body’, a rumbling rock anthem for self-liberation that throws two fingers up to any notion of what beauty is supposed to look like.

Estrons’ fire and exuberance is palpable throughout ‘You Say I’m Too Much…’. The crescendo of tension and release on ‘Jesus…’ feels like that perfect first encore song, while the machine gun rush of ‘Drop’ just begs you to hear it live. That instinctive and direct energy feels comfortable and familiar; you may even feel like you’ve known Estrons for years.

While far from revolutionary, the band sound like they’re going to war; breakneck rhythms and razor guitar lines meet monolithic choruses, proving punk can be pop without going bubblegum. Everyone loves an outsider, though Estrons could well break through with this stellar debut.

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